November 1, 2009

Happy November!

I like the first of the month. You know why? Because I put in a new pair of contact lenses and all the world looks fresh and moist for a while. :)

So just to get the morning started with the proper dose of trivialities, I'm considering wearing lipstick to church today (not sparkly red like yesterday, though), I'm also considering wearing my chain wallet one more day instead of just Halloween, and I'm already upset that Wong* won't take a picture of himself running and flailing his arms about, because I think it sounds cute though he disagrees with me.

I have a hard time letting go of Halloween the day after. Probably because on Halloween I can dress like I want to dress anyway and nobody looks at me sideways, but you try dressing all goth/punk the day after Halloween and suddenly people have issues with it. Halloween is a great festival of liberation, and there's a letdown afterward, I think. This is why I think we should all go with el Día de los Muertos instead... more on that later, maybe (this is an old rant, visited once in my previous MySpace blog-life).

*"Wong" is not this person's real name, naturally. 'Tis but an alias for someone of my acquaintance who lives quite far away and has cute sentence structure... true friends already know who I'm talking about, the rest of you will have to accept that "Wong" will probably be a recurring character in this blog. And if you're reading this, "Wong"... deal. At least I made some effort to protect the "guilty" party, no? And you DO have cute sentence structure, much as you like to say that's horse-radish.

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