June 30, 2011

The end-of-June update...

I haven't got a single profound thing to say, I'm afraid, so I'll give you this instead:

I. Am. Bored.

How's that?

No, seriously... I don't know what it is about this year that's different from all the other years, but this year I have officially decided that unemployment SUCKS. I seem to remember I used to kind of enjoy the summer down-time, but this year after about four days I was done and ready to go back to work. To that end, I've been trying to find a summer job (or a year-round job to replace my other job that leaves me in this state in the summer). Had an interview a couple of weeks ago that didn't go anywhere, despite them sounding all very enthusiastic at the time... perhaps they said those nice things to everyone? (Or maybe it's just that 10% of the state is unemployed right now and competition is fierce... who knows?)

My good friends over at the Employment Department have been giving me the usual run-around about my translating job for the school district and debating if they should have to pay me at all, and if so, how much they should have to pay me. I'm tired of playing that game, so I won't be returning to work for the school district in the fall. (If you're from the MRSD and reading this and you were shocked just now, sorry. My annual fun and games with the Employment Department are not the only reason for this decision, trust me.) Don't know where next month's rent is coming from at this point, but I'm not too stressed about it... I always figure something out. God provides. And if nothing else, I can just go through with the bus driver training.

Yes, that's right, I got the e-mail yesterday. My primary job, which has been harping at me about not having a CDL for almost two years now even though I had already gotten my CDL permit and was just waiting to be trained, has finally scheduled my behind-the-wheel training to start on July 11th. I had really been hoping to get out of having to do that by getting the other job I interviewed for, but looks like no dice. See, when I was hired I was told that getting a CDL was a requirement of my position that I had to fulfill within 90 days and training was done in-house and I said okay. I got my permit, took the 8 hour CORE classes, and waited for them to schedule my behind-the-wheel training. 11 months later my CDL permit expired. So I renewed it. Then my DOT physical certification expired. So I redid it. And I got a nasty e-mail from HR reminding me that holding a CDL was a requirement of my position and I would be expected to complete it within 90 days (this nearly 2 years after my hire date). I sent back a nice little e-mail reminding Mrs. HR that I had done everything I could possibly do on my end, was waiting for behind-the-wheel training, and she should probably tell the transportation director to get off his butt and schedule it if she was all so worried about it. (Not in those words exactly, but it was implied.) Next thing I know, the transportation director is asking me if we can schedule it during the summer. Apparently I'm being punished for my competence. This is all particularly stupid because the center I work at doesn't even have a bus... we're self-transport, and many of the kiddos live within walking distance. So HR is flipping out because I don't have my CDL and can't drive the bus that my center physically DOES NOT HAVE in the first place! Gotta love administration. But maybe I can make $85 bucks off of them so I can have my car's registration renewed before the end of August when it expires.

I've noticed something lately about Oregon... all my friends are moving elsewhere or making plans to do so. I would really like to move elsewhere as well. Perhaps I should start checking for jobs in other parts of the country? Because I don't think it's very fair that apparently a lottery was held to determine who would get to leave the state, and not only did I not win but I wasn't even notified it was taking place so I could participate. I'm thinking someplace warmer and drier. Arizona. Or New Mexico, maybe. (Or maybe even the old Mexico... I could totally see myself living there.)

Really I just wanna move. To Oregon City if nothing else, but I've started to hate this place. That means it's time to move on. Because I know from past experience that more than six years of living in a place I hate makes me generally cranky and unpleasant to deal with, and I've gotten rather accustomed to not being such a horrible *BLEEP* all the time... just some of the time. ;-)

Song o' the Day: "Fur Cue" by Seether. (From the new album that came out on May 17th, which I still have in pretty heavy rotation over a month later.) Hear it (but not see it, no video as of yet...) here. My money is on this song and "Tonight" being singles 2 and 3 from this album. #1 was "Country Song", which is worth a listen and the video is hilarious. See that here.

Oh, and I've been finally making some progress on the guitar playing and I'm thinking I'll have to learn to at least play the electric part from "Country Song", if not the twangy little acoustic riff which actually looks harder. :-)

SIDE NOTE: If anyone was curious enough to wonder what happened to my Dishwasher, he's off sudsing up some chick who spells her name funny. Ancient history.

June 1, 2011

Wow... been a while, hasn't it?

Happy New Year about six months late! Okay. Exactly six months late. Shut it.

Sorta forgot I had a blog for a while there. It's been an eventful six months... not so much professionally (other than having been really busy) as personally.

Somewhere around January 1st, I got it into my head that I was going to have another go at losing weight. Around the same time I joined a gym and started being fairly strict about what I eat. Now, six months later to the day, here I sit... 28-30 lbs. lighter than I was in January (depending on which day I weigh), and with a distinct lack of clothes that fit well. I figure I'll worry about that when I'm  DONE losing weight... still like 90 lbs. to go so whatever.

2011 so far has been the year of the boy. As in me being boy-crazy. I guess eight years of single was enough for me... not that I'm not still single, 'cause I am, but I've been putting myself out there more I guess you'd say. So far, though, it's been a series of near misses. There was a guy a few months back that I was interested in that I thought was interested in me, but I misread that one and later decided I wasn't interested anyway. There was another last month that was interested in me but I was, shall we say, less than enthralled. And now I've met and am communicating with a third that I am undecided about. I realize this all doesn't sound like much, but that's more action than I've had since high school, all packed into only 6 months. So for me, that's high traffic!

2011 has also been the year of Seether FINALLY putting out another album. It just came out last month, it's called "Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray", and despite the cumbersome title it's quite possibly their best ever (though the last one, "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces", is still high on my favorite list). Hopefully we won't have to wait 4 years for the next one, because they just keep getting better. My crush on Shaun Morgan is renewed.

I'm also currently super-excited for ASBA, which is starting up again THIS SUNDAY!!!! This year I get to be the villain for a change, which means I get to be the pirate queen (holler!). It also apparently means that I only have about 2 lines. If I get to refer to Abby as my minion, that might help me feel better. Still trying to decide if I'm doing over-the-top evil or more of a sultry evil (while still church appropriate, of course). I'm leaning toward the latter, but I guess that'll be finalized at rehearsal on Saturday.

So anyway, I'll try to remember to put something here occasionally from now on. I was finished with work last week, so I should have more time until the end of August (or until I find a summer job).