June 6, 2013

Tips for job-seekers....

Some may have caught on to the fact that I've been cross-training a bit in HR lately. Yes, we are hiring. And I'm helping screen resumes. And I've already learned what I don't like (and my supervisors don't either). Here are some tips, presented in what is hopefully a somewhat humorous manner. But really I'm just kind of having a rant.

Tip #1 - Do not, under any circumstances, misspell the title of the job you're applying for in the subject line of the e-mail containing your resume. Or anywhere else in your resume or cover letter, for that matter. But really, if the subject line of your e-mail is "proerty assistant", it sort of makes me not even want to read your resume.

Tip #2 - Proofread, proofread, proofread. And if you can't proofread, get someone else to do it for you. Especially if you think the position you're applying for might involve any sort of written communication at all. (Hint: Office work involves written communication. There is no getting around it.)

Tip #3 - Unless my business is a bakery, please do not send me an e-mail telling me how happy you would be to work in my bakery. (Hint: my business is not a bakery.)

Tip #4 - Do not tell me you have "years of property management experience" unless there's something on your resume to back that statement up. It kinda looks fishy when your cover letter tells me you have "years of property management experience" and your resume tells me you have years of healthcare experience. I'm just saying...

Tip #5 - If your "objective" is to obtain a career in computer science/healthcare/some other field that isn't the field you're applying for, I'm going to think twice about wasting my time interviewing you. Because seriously, if you're just going to leave in a year to work in healthcare, why did we bother taking the time to train you in property management?

Tip #6 - Don't! Use! Exclamation! Points! We were scowling today at a resume that was riddled with excessive exclamation points.

Tip #7 - Do not apply for a position listed as being "full time permanent" when you are planning to return to school in the fall. I actually phone interviewed someone today who, when I gave my usual spiel about it being a full time permanent position (which is stated in the ad), said, "Well, I can work full time until September, but then I'm going back to school." Just to humor her, I said, "Oh, you're in college?" She replied, "No, I'm going to be a senior."

Rant over... for now. Happy job-hunting, kids!