November 1, 2009

That was quicker than I thought...

I'm done saving my pics off of Facebook. Upon reflection, most of the pictures I had on Facebook were stuff I probably don't need anyway. I did save the ones I took of the moving-in process here at the apartment (we've been here almost eight months now... crazy!) because that was an important and momentous life process thingie, but aside from a few special pictures most of it was fluff.

Which brings to mind something else I hate about social-networking sites - comment whores. You know exactly who I'm talking about... those people who post a bunch of pictures, then in either a status message or a bulletin board post say, "I just put up a bunch of pics... go comment on them!" or something to that effect. Like comments enhance your worth as a person. I don't know.

"Wong" told me this morning that I have now joined a special group of elitist @$$holes (clever, no?) who shun all social-networking sites... yes, he is a member of this group. I asked him if that meant I get to hide with him under his rock now and he said maybe. ;)

So anyway, back to the original subject, my Facebook account closes at bedtime tonight. I'm leaving it up long enough for a few people to find the messages I sent them telling them where I'm disappearing to, and then off into the ether I go. I'm hoping I'm going to ultimately save myself a lot of time by not being on Facebook, and I think it'll probably work because I've spent less time typing this blog than I spend on the average Facebook session (and yes, I do type very quickly, thank you). I realize this is probably my own failing, but given a host of tiny applications to toy with, I will toy with them, and therefore I need to get off Facebook. Sorry to anyone who might feel I don't love them anymore.

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