November 15, 2009

The brand new stupidest thing anyone has ever said to me....

This must be a red-letter day! You guys get a new alias to guess at, and I got to marvel once more at how dumb my fellow humans can be sometimes. Aren't we lucky? :-)

Meet Barney, so named because he is often in the company of many children (but without the creepiness of having a giant purple dinosaur head). Barney came up to me this afternoon and said, "So we were going to invite the Chamaco to (other kid's) birthday party, but you're not on Facebook anymore." (Naturally I have left out Other Kid's name, because that would make Barney readily identifiable.)

I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. Of all the stupid reasons! Okay, first off, that sounded kind of like a diss. "You're not on Facebook anymore, therefore your kid isn't cool enough to have at our kid's party." Or maybe, "Since you're not on Facebook anymore, it was too inconvenient to contact you to ask if your child could come to our child's birthday party, because phone-dialing/emailing would have been required." And probably it's more a case of the latter, which is equally retarded and here's why: I know Barney has a cell phone. He's always carrying the thing around. Phones call people, and I do believe that Barney's particular phone does internet as well. His phone likely emails people. Secondly, my phone number/email address are readily available in the church's phone directory, of which everyone received a copy at the beginning of the year. I pointed out to Barney that they have these things with buttons on them called phones, which can be used to contact other human beings, and of course he pulled his out to show me that it in fact does not have buttons. It has a touchscreen. So does mine. I can still call people. Nice try though, Barney.

I remarked upon this before in my now-defunct MySpace blog (that blog in fact was the beginning of my withdrawing from MySpace/Facebook), but I want to know when humans (in particular Americans) got so afraid of not being in constant contact with the rest of the world 24/7. I'm only 27 years old, not old by any stretch of the imagination, and I can remember a time when all phones had buttons. Furthermore, all phones were stationary objects attached to the walls in your house. Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet (ha ha!), email didn't exist (for that matter, neither did Facebook and MySpace), we listened to music on these rectangular pieces of plastic called "cassette tapes" that we shoved inside a large box called a "cassette player" or a smaller, portable box called a "Walkman", and if someone called your house and you weren't home, the phone would just ring there by itself until they got bored and hung up. And they called back later if they still wanted whatever they wanted the first time they called. And surprsingly, the planet kept chugging along in its path around the sun, spinning merrily away on its axis with a 35 degree tilt, and we actually found ways to keep in touch with the people we cared about. Sometimes we sent letters. On paper. Via a system called "the United States Postal Service". (Speaking of them, I bet those guys really wish you still remembered how to do that, because they're hurting for business.)

But back to my original point, there is absolutely no reason on earth that Barney couldn't have gotten a hold of me if he'd actually wanted to. Be real here.

And then someone else came up to me asking if I'd add her again as a friend on Facebook because her Facebook crashed and she lost a bunch of her friends and I told her I wasn't on Facebook anymore and the look of shock on her face was priceless. And then I had to explain to her why. *sigh* Kids these days... So I'm going to send out some emails here in a bit to people who seem to have found it fantastically hard to contact me without Facebook, and if you're reading this because you got one of those... congratulations! You remembered how we used to do stuff prior to Facebook!

Probably I'm too young to be this nostalgic, but I kind of miss the 80s, and even the early 90s. My family got internet in 1996, and it ate Caveman Fred not too long thereafter. I still remember that fateful afternoon when Caveman Fred came home, tossed me an envelope and said, "Here, I got this from the phone company. It's called internet. Install it and make it work." (Like most kids born after 1980, I heard things like that a lot from my parents.)

Seriously, though... if Facebook and MySpace are what is representative of society today, I withdraw my membership. There's more to life than Mafia Wars and FarmTown, people! (Hey Wong! Does that statement earn me a spot under your rock?)


  1. Barney Replies:
    I had no idea that my little comment was pregnant with so much innuendo. Since I only checked On Friday, you will need to excuse my tardiness, as I had a Lock-In to plan, then execute, then Winter Retreat preparations, a Bible Class to write, a sermon (which is currently still being written) and, just to boot, a few people's lives to try to put back together...

    If I have offended thee, I hope it is not for long, since you should find an email invitation already in your Yahoo account sent from Barney's wife, dated on Friday. :)

    I didn't know that leaving Facebook meant you left a little bit of your soul behind, as well ;) Be not angry and bitter! After all, I love you, and you love me... right?

  2. Hey, all is forgiven Barney. You just need to deliver your conversations with the same flair with which you deliver sermons, is all. That *was* kind of an awkward point to stop the conversation, no?

    By the way, did you and Ron coordinate your sermons today or what? They went together nicely. :)

  3. I think this is one of those "moderation=Good" things. I never do anything on MySpace anymore, and I deleted farmville (still have mafia wars) because myspace and was rather boring and I only got farmville so I would have something to do at school. So I can see the appeal of that a point.
    But anyways, I don't think Facebook is moronic, per se, but people who use facebook as their exclusive method of communication are a little bit silly. But you can't generalize and say that everybody on facebook is a tard either.
    Did you put that aimless rambling bit above the comment thing just for me?

  4. Most things are "moderation=good" things, really. Which is why I had to get off Facebook. Curse Ben and his Kool-Aid!

    I don't think Facebook is moronic, but I think people who prefer it over any other means of communication are perhaps "tards", as you say.

    And it actually says "aimless musings", but that does work pretty good for you.


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