October 31, 2009

Well that didn't take long...

I said there would be noise, and behold there is noise! I'm running an all-Seether playlist at the moment, and for those of you who might like to shut it off as quickly as possible you'll find the pause button located to your right directly underneath the "About Me" section.

And now your bits of randomness for the night:

I almost tore off the fingernail on my index finger on my right hand today, and now that finger is very tender and it's a bit difficult to type. I did it while gutting pumpkins. Don't ask how.

I'm to the point in my phasing out of Facebook where all I have to do is get my pictures saved elsewhere. I give it two days, max.

By blogging right now at 23:24, I am putting off going to bed merely because I do not want to. If I were to remain awake much longer, however, I would feel the need to start working on one of the three work-related projects I am actively procrastinating, so soon I will go to bed so as to not have to work. Sometime before Monday, however, I am expected to translate the new report cards for grades K-5 so teachers can start filling them out. The idea of doing this makes me throw up a little in my mouth, because I know it will be boring, will take probably a minimum of six hours, and most of the things on the report cards will be made up "Teacherese" terms that are incredibly difficult to translate. (And they wonder why I don't want to become a "real" teacher...) Also sometime in the near future, I need to read the manual to get my CDL and finish reading "Positive Discipline for Preschoolers", both of which make me sleepy.

You know, I always just talked to my preschooler like he was a normal person. He grew out of being a preschooler, and he seems to be mostly fine (and with an above-average vocab for his age bracket, I might add) so why do I need to read a whole book telling me how to say "knock that off" in a way that sounds positive so I don't damage some child's fragile ego? In my opinion, kids in general don't hear the word "no" nearly enough anymore, and the word "no" is enforced even less. *sigh* If I think on that subject too long, I start having fantasies where I quit the education field all together, start a rock band, and tour the world in an extremely child-unfriendly manner.

Yeah... that'd be fun. *sigh*

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