February 8, 2013


Our kitten is pretty advanced for being only around 10 weeks old. Even at that tender young age, she already has a stalker.

She hasn't quite ID'ed it yet. Every now and then she catches a glimpse of the stalker out of the corner of her eye and whips around only to find that it has disappeared. Every now and then it's a little slower to escape and she almost manages to get a claw into it.

Perhaps most startling is that, every now and then, she'll be curled up on the back of the couch and something will twitch directly in front of her nose and she realizes that the stalker is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HER!!! OH MY KITTY GOODNESS!!! She immediately leaps forward from her sitting position only to find that the stalker dodges off to the side and backward. She twists in the air and attempts to follow, only to find herself tumbling down the back of the couch, or - even worse - falling into the floor.

I think that so far all she has managed to reasonably determine about this character is that it's suspiciously fuzzy. One might even call it furry. And it apparently never sleeps, because whenever she's awake the fuzzy interloper is there... lurking... (See startled expression below.)

Yes, okay, I tend to dramatize silly things when I haven't had enough sleep. For some reason this blog post occurred to me around 5:45 this morning when the cat was frolicking on my bed trying to catch her tail.

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