January 9, 2010


Yes folks, the long petless spell is finally past...

Friday evening I took the Chamaco to Wal-Mart so he could spend some of his ridiculous amount of birthday money (now that it's been a month since his birthday and all). He got the Bakugan game for Wii (no surprise there), a toy lightsaber, and a betta.

I love a good bandwagon, so I jumped on and also got a betta. I favor bettas because they're nice to look at and pretty hard to kill. His is red, mine is dark blue. He named his Ford, and I'm calling mine Skye until I come up with something better. Both fish have pulled through night one and day one, so I'm assuming neither sustained any serious injuries in the trunk of my car on the drive home from Woodburn and will probably be with us for a while. I think they have already outlasted the guppy that the Chamaco got not too long after his 7th birthday. Having heat in this house probably helps.

In other news, first week back at work flew by way faster than those two weeks of vacation did. I mean, really, I was SO bored sitting around here at home too broke to go anywhere or do anything. I'm also glad to have a routine back in place rather than just waking up, drifting aimlessly all day not really knowing what day it even is, and going to sleep sometime when I get bored with being awake and drifting aimlessly. Yay for January!

Now if only we could get this winter thing over with, I'd be content.

Conversation excerpt from a week or two ago:
CTG: Well look at that! You've got four studs on the car and one at the pump!
ME: Yeah, you are the best-looking guy in a Santa hat I've seen for quite a while I have to admit.

I'm still laughing over that.

Song o' the Day: "Did It Again" by Shakira. Pretty well stuck in my head for days now.

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