December 31, 2009

The Obligatory 2009 Top-Ten List...

I have totally lost count of how many top-ten lists I've read or glanced at in the last week or two. Also some very clever videos promising to give me the highlights of the entire decade in 3 or 7 minutes... the 7-minute one was better and had fewer mentions of Britney Spears. It also had the perk of ending with "and President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Collectively, Americans go, "huh?!" Good times...

So anyway, I'm going to sit here and totally improvise my own top-ten list with the highlights of this year (just this year, forget the rest of the decade!) from my own narrow, egocentric perspective. Enjoy!

#1) Moving to the apartment. By far the most exciting thing to happen to me in ages, and a huge change toward the positive. Spidermice, I miss thee not!

#2) Starting a new job. So far I like Head Start, even if some of the rules are a little funny to me.

#3) Brand spanking new friends (but not for spanking). The CTG, Lorena, Wendy, Nancy, Tazzy... people who make my days (and my job) more fun.

#4) Finally getting a guitar. Talked about it for ages, finally did it in May.

#5) "Life Starts Now" by Three Days Grace. Had to wait until September for that one, but it was worth the wait.

#6) The Coiled Crap Hound and the Disco Newt. Thanksgiving will never be the same again.

#7) Finally making it to "hard" on drums on Rock Band. Might sound lame to you, but it wasn't easy to overcome years of CRD!

#8) Learning to drink water. I drink 2 liters every day at work. Formerly on the rare occasion I drank water, my liver would sputter at me and demand "What the heck is that stuff?! Are you trying to poison me?!"

#9) Cinnamon Candy Canes. Those may have existed before this year, but I just found them for the first time. A real nice thing for those of us that like Chrsitmas but hate peppermint.

#10) Homemade tortillas. How did we get by without those?

Song o' the Day: "Life Starts Now" by Three Days Grace

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